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A Message from ICMA-RC President and CEO, Bob Schultze

December 29, 2015

Bob SchultzeICMA-RC was founded by the public sector for the public sector in 1972.

Each year we set goals for how we can best serve our public sector plan-sponsor clients and participants. This past year was incredibly successful as we worked closely with our clients to enroll more participants in their retirement savings plans than ever before. In 2017 our average participant savings rate increased 8.5% year over year. For our under 40 participants we saw an even higher increase of 10.2%.

Our legacy is built on the personal touch of knowledgeable representatives who consult with participants to help them achieve their savings goals.

This "high-touch" experience is reinforced with ICMA-RC's insights driven digital resources and enhanced mobile capabilities which give public sector plan sponsors and participants powerful options to manage their accounts and save for retirement.

We are dedicated to helping our public-sector clients and their participants prepare so they can enjoy a secure retirement. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Investing in the latest infrastructure — in the past three years alone we have invested more than $100 million dollars in technology;
  • Making available a wide range of investment options, including our target-date funds and target-risk funds, and a top-performing stable value fund;
  • Offering a spectrum of retirement-planning resources such as our Guided Pathways® Advisory Services.

ICMA-RC continues to lead the retirement-planning industry in new and innovative ways. For example:

  • Public-sector employees in cities across the U.S. visited our RealizeRetirement mobile tour as it traveled the country. The tour's sequel, the RealizeRetirement® Adventure, was launched recently and continues meeting and engaging employees in the communities they serve.
  • Plan Sponsors can interact with plan data in real time to make strategic decisions using ICMA-RC’s Visual Analytics. Visual Analytics presents plan sponsors with a wealth of quantitative plan data in a visually appealing way, displaying a range of metrics and trends to aid in decision making.

By providing participants with the most relevant and helpful knowledge, resources, and tools for their retirement planning, ICMA-RC and I are committed to helping public-sector employees achieve their goals.

We strongly believe in our mission and truly grateful for the clients we serve, and we look forward to continued success as we serve those who serve their communities.

Bob Schultze

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